5 ways to preserve your wedding flowers

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Hannah Frazier
Hannah Frazier

A cherished memory of mine from planning our wedding was picking out my flowers with my mom. I chose pink gerber daisies, white carnations, and waxed flowers. What I loved most about my bouquet was the cascade look. After we got married, I dried my flowers and placed them into jars. However, I always wanted to do something more with them.. Almost 5 years later, I decided to do just that.

If you have put preserving your flowers on hold like me or want to do something creative with them right after your big day, here are 5 ideas.

Even though I dried my flowers, I wanted the whole bouquet to be on display in a creative way. I sent Sirina Law a picture of my bouquet, and she did an amazing job on my hoop. The finished result is breathtaking! She is an amazing artist. Here is her website. Embroidered hoops make a lovely gift too!

If you are not like me and want to plan ahead to preserve your flowers, send your flowers to the petal archive a day or two after your event. I love these custom resin bookends and arches. They are a beautiful addition to your styled shelves.

If you have dried some of your flowers, you can send them to A. SWAPP STUDIO and she will create a stunning pressed necklace for you to wear.

If you want to keep your bouquet forever, this is worth the investment. After your wedding or special event, send your bouquet to the Pressed Bouquet Shop. I love how you can include Boutonnieres and any other details from your special day for no additional charges.

This is a great idea if you didn’t dry your flowers, but still want to do something special. A Chicago photographer and artist, Alina Alexandra Art only needs a photo of your bouquet to create a dreamy framed watercolor painting.

Which idea is your favorite?


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